Review: Just Like Fate

Just Like Fate
Just Like Fate by Cat Patrick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Received an arc via the publisher in return for a review

What really caught my attention before starting to read this book was the parallel story lines created by the two authors collaborating on this book – namely Cat Patrick & Suzanne Young]. The female protagonist in the storyline is Caroline. Her whole world is about to be ripped apart when she is given bad news in school from her principal. A few days later when Caroline should really be supporting her family she is given a choice – stay with the rest of the family in the hospice to stay with her grandmother


go to a super cool party with lots of – get excited! – college boys!

Here the plot develops as each author takes the reader down each road. The Stay road or the Go road. We see the decisions that Caroline makes in each path in regards to her relationships with her parents, her older sister Natalie, her crush Joel, new boy Chris and her best friend Simone.

The underlying theme of the novel is that no matter how many weird mistakes you do, how many arguments you have with people or how many seriously bad choices you make what happens is what was meant to happen. The story shows the reader that we all have our own fates and no matter how much we regret mistakes, we will all end up in a content position that we were heading to all along.

It was a sweet story line but there were a couple of things that I either hated or didn’t think necessary. One thing I really hated was Caroline and Joel’s relationship – specifically Joel. At first he seemed to be the sweet guy that Caroline has known since she was a kid and they are going to live happily ever after but that all goes awry because Joel is a Jackass . Another element of the storyline I didn’t believe to be necessary was the Tricia character in the Go storyline when Caroline starts at her new school. Because apparently in your first week at a new school – a psycho-cheerleader will jump you in the bathroom because her boyfriend spoke to you…. once

Overall it is a cute if sometimes confusing and unbelievable novel.

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