Spoken like a true Hermione

Practice your occlumency

This. For all of the random magical things Harry and Co. could do in Harry Potter the one thing I really wanted to do was be able to use Occlumency. I don’t know why I wasn’t a normal person that wanted to confund someone, or make a love potion, or find out what my patronus is or disarm a dastardly death eater.

I’m not normal.

8 thoughts on “Spoken like a true Hermione

  1. P.S. I love the “Hermione quote”…really funny…and really true to the story. 🙂


  2. Yes!

    If there was one thing i would like to do it would also be to learn Occlumency! There is a lot of depth and possible discussion in this idea. 🙂

    What is it that intrigues you about Occlumency? How do you think it can be learned?


    • Exactly! I think it was underrated in the books because it was only mentioned frequently in one book. It intrigues me because I want to jump into my sister and my friends heads and see what’s going on in there. Imagine what you could find out with the tiniest bit of snooping while protecting yourself so they can’t find the same? It’s so bad it’s good 🙂

      Alas, I don’t have any ideas on how to learn Occlumency. The one person in the world that could tell me doesn’t reply to my letters. *grumbles at JKR*

      • Yes,

        It is a very good idea that I would love to know more about (especially from Snape’s perspective seeing as he uses it very successfully). Perhaps digging into more of what JKR already did write in book 5 would shed some light. 🙂

        As for Legilimency, I don’t think I would ever be able to “interpret others thoughts correctly” even if I could dive into them…but what a skill (or super power) that would be!


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