Vote for Venus in Junk Kouture 2014

Hey all! Could you please spare a minute to help me?

My sister and her friend are in the semi finals of a design competition. They had to make an outfit out of reusable material. They designed a beautiful gown out of damaged inner tubes of bicycle tyres, copper wire and old jewellery.

Could you please click on the link here. Then click vote, then click west or W if on a mobile device. The dress called Venus by Amy Reilly and Sibeal Fallon should appear. Please click the heart on the image to vote. Thank you!!


Review: The Book of Tomorrow

The Book of Tomorrow
The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Recommended for fans of [author : Cecelia Ahern] & [author : Sarah Addison Allen]

Tamara has just moved with her mother from there upmarket mansion on the outskirts of Dublin city to move in with her uncle and his wife in a small gatehouse in what we describe it here in Ireland as the arsehole of nowhere

Tamara is grieving her father and attempting to snap her mother out of the severe grief she is going through. Living with her uncle that – communicates primarily in grunts- and his neurotic, secretive wife is grating on Tamara and suffocating her sense of free will.

In her journey of overcoming her grief she meets new faces such as Marcus and finds magical places to sit and think.However all is not how it seems. When Marcus’ mobile library arrives Tamara checks out an interesting looking book that turns out to be an empty diary. Without knowing how it happens the diary appears to show diary entries written by Tamara dated the following day.

This is when she should have thrown the damn notebook away because all I could think was this………..

But Tamara uses the diary entries to her advantage. Learning from what happened to her in the diary she manipulates the following days to suit her to try and figure out what her Aunt Rosaleen is up to, what her uncle knows, what Sr. Ignatious knows and who the creepy person following her aroud the countryside is.

For Tamara the results of her sleuth work will changer her life and the lives of others forever.

A beautifully written mystery intertwined with magical elements.

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Junk Kouture

Junk Kouture 2013

This is a totally off topic post. My sister and her friend entered a Irish National competition called Junk Kouture last Winter. The concept behind the competition is to create an outfit that is made mostly from re-used and re-cycled materials. For example, last years winners included outfits made from copper wire, orange peel, Coca-Cola cans  and much more. The overall winners piece named Lady Data was made from pieces of computer keyboards.
Their piece is called “Tyre-iffic”. They have been working on the outfit since October 2012. The piece is made primarily from inner tubes found in tyres. They used tubes from bicycles, cars and go-kart tyres. Also as ERP are a major sponsor of the competition, entrants are encouraged to use recycled electronic materials so they incorporated blown and damaged fuses in to our outfit.
Out of over 2000+ entrants they got chosen as one of the final 320 entrants. They were placed with 82 other entrants in to the Western final of the competition in March 2013. The event took place at the Royal Theatre Castlebar. Backstage each group was visited by one of the judges – TV presenter & fashionista Darren Kennedy, model Faye Dinsmore, fashion design expert Tracey Fahey & Yvonne Holmes from ERP. Yvonne visited theirgroup but they also got to chat to Faye, Darren and the presenters Cheryl and Emile backstage as they were first to go onstage after the judges  entrances. The performance was great and they ended up being announced as one of twenty finals to go to the National final.
The final will be held on April 19th 2013 at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. I can’t wait to get there and see them perform .
If you could please vote for them I would be so grateful! Click here, add your e-mail address and verify it and you have voted. Voting is open now for 2 weeks.